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Spark Tester Calibrator

Spark Tester Calibrator

For Spark Testing with constant and comparable sensitivity on insulating, winding and sheathing lines, it is very essential to calibrate the spark tester with a spark tester calibrator.

Kat Controls make Spark Tester Calibrator Model STCAL-2K is designed to meet the requirements of relevant Indian and international standards for Spark Testers. One can measure the test voltage and it’s frequency with the help of Spark Tester Calibrator.

Incorporating Digital Voltmeter, this versatile Calibrator is used for both Voltage Calibration and measurement of Fault detection sensitivity of various makes and type of spark testers.

Measurement and display circuits for :

Type of measurements for test voltage and short circuit current:

Artificial fault device

Checks the sensitivity to ‘faults’ according to IS:10810 (part 44) – 1984, BSEN 50356:2002

Technical Specifications :

Parameter Specifications
Mechanical Dimensions 490 x 270 x 280 mm
Total weight of Calibrator 15 kg
Input 1 Phase, 230 VAC + 10%, 50 Hz + 2 Hz
Power Rating 300 VA

Technical Specifications :
For measurements of test voltages

Parameter Specifications
Input impedance 100 M for AC mains frequency & DC Spark Testers 40 M for AC High Frequency Spark Testers.
Max. Test Voltage 15 kV at max. 4000 Hz for AC high frequency spark testers 30 kV RMS / DC for AC mains frequency / DC spark testers

Technical Specifications :
For Artificial fault device

Parameter Specifications
Max. operating voltage 3 kV AC RMS for AC High frequency & Mains frequency Spark testers 5 kV DC for DC Spark testers
Fault Rate 1 per second with 50 Hz mains frequency
Spark Gap 0.25mm + 0.05 mm for a period of 0.0025 second once per second
Max. fault current 1 per second with 50 Hz mains frequency
Input 1 phase, 230 V AC + 10%, 50/60 Hz + 2 Hz

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