High Frequency Inline Induction Preheaters

Kat Controls manufactures High Frequency Inline Induction Preheaters that are designed to meet the needs of continuous production systems.

They are used in extrusion lines for insulating wire conductors to improve the adhesion of insulation material on the conductor. It ensures an even flow of insulating as the temperature of the conductor remains constant throughout the run. The Preheater operates as a completely independent standalone unit.


  • Solid state closed loop control
  • Reliable, In line Process Heating
  • Dynamic and Free running/driven pulleys
  • Insulating ceramic rings for low inertia, low heat loss, avoids wear and tear.
  • Sturdy, rugged construction suitable for high line speeds

Models Available:

  • Model IPH-30 - Mains Frequency Induction Preheater
  • IPH-HF-30 and IPH-HF-40 - High Frequency Induction Preheater Models

Advantages :

  • Even heating of conductor ensures that no cold patches occur at any line speed.
  • Ensures correct Plastic flow on the conductor
  • Eliminates cold wire shrinkage
  • Eliminates plastic cracking due to the cold wire bending
  • Avoids wastage of costly raw materials.
  • High quality end products.

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