Motion Control Systems

 Analog DC Drive Modules

  1. F Series : 1 Phase, Full Wave Full Controlled, Upto 60 Amps
  2. F RR Series : 1 Phase, Full Wave Full Controlled, Regenerative, Upto 60 Amps
  3. M Series : 3 Phase, Full Wave Full Controlled, Upto 130 Amps
  4. M -RR Series : 3 Phase, Full Wave Full Controlled, Regenerative, Upto 100 Amps
  5. D Series : 3 Phase, Full Wave Full Controlled, Upto 1200 Amps

Our range includes

  • Model 1: Open execution type ready to mount in 3 U rack
  • Model 2: Aluminium Sub Rack 3 U x 155 ready to mount on chassis Twinner Electrode

Standard Features

  • Fully solid state power control
  • Armature voltage & current feedback to control the motor speed accurately
  • IR compensation for Armature feedback
  • Control through external 0 to 10 V.D.C. Signal with isolation of 2kV
  • Local / Remote selection through D/P switches
  • Easy access to all required preset settings & led indications
  • Set speed Pot on front plate for local mode

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  • Wire & Cable industry viz. Extruder, Take-up, Pay-off, Capstan, Unwinder, winder, G.T., D.T., etc.
  • Steel Industry
  • Mill Drive viz. Rolling mill, Tyre mill, flattening mill, etc.
  • Machining center viz. VTL, Gig Boring, Spindle, Gear grinding/shaving, hobbing, Axis, Horizontal boring, etc.
  • Chemical industry
  • Textile industry
  • Cement Industry


  • Modular construction for easy maintenance & ready for mounting inside a panel.
  • Both Armature Voltage & Tacho Feedback available as Site Selectable option.
  • IR compensation for Armature feedback.
  • Fault status indication by LED’s.
  • Built in Test points for maintenance.
  • Control through external process variable / reference signal like 4 to 20 mA & 0 to 10 V DC.


  • Panel enclosure with necessary protections, switchgear, indications, controls, chokes, PID, Fast acting fuses internally wired to the components and terminal
  • Multi drive system with individual and Synchronisation mode
  • Fault annunciation
  • Custom built system

Sprint - Digital DC Drive

Authorised Dealer Certificate

Single Phase DC Drives

Sprint 3 Phase Digital DC Drive

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Sprint Single Phase DC Drive Spint 3 Phase DC DRive
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