Product Categories

Our integrated manufacturing services are primarily focused on meeting your requirements.
Our quality service is backed by our efficiency and a guarantee of on time delivery.

Business Sector and Services Offered

Wire and Cable testing equipmentsHigh frequency Inline Induction Pre-heater, Spark tester, Spark tester Calibrator, Breakdown tester
Heater Controller and Power Controller1 phase, 2 phase, 3 phase, Phase Angle Control or Integral Cycle Control
Analogue & Digital AC / DC DrivesMulti Quadrant, Field Controlled, Synchronized / Individual
Custom built control panelsSpeed Controls, Process Automation, Heating Control
Electric VehiclesControls
Motion control systemsUsing Digital / Analog AC, DC & Servo drives, PLC, HMI
Automation Control System Electrical Cabinet construction, PLC programming, SCADA Systems, Drive engineering
Commissioning and Start up servicesAutomation, Robotics, Designing
Retrofitting for machinesLike CNC machine, Jig boring, Gear grinding, VTL, HTL, Spindle & Axis control


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