High Voltage Current Transformers Test Setup Completed in Indonesia

High Voltage & extra High Voltage Switchgear manufacturing companies needs High Voltage Current Transformers and High Voltage – Voltage Transformers  test set-up for in-process testing & final testing.

KAT Controls has been working & supplying this test set-up for HV switchgear manufacturing companies, locally and globally, for the last 25 years. 

KAT Controls has complete Technical know-how & experience of the test requirement as per International quality standard IEC 61869 – part 1 & 5 & Indian standard IS-16227.

All required test as per International/ National quality standard on HVCT, ranging from 72.5kV – 800 kV, Primary – Up to 10000 A & secondary- 1A/5A (with 1/5 A burden selection), can be performed.

Routine Test

Polarity test, Accuracy test using High current source at 50 & 60 Hz with different burdens ( Ratio error & Phase error with AITTS), Interturn overvoltage test at 400 Hz, Power frequency withstanding test at 5kV for 1 minute, Measurement of Knee point voltage & excitation current for special protection core, Measurement of Instrument security Factor ( ISF) for metering core, Measurement of Composite error for protection core, Temperature rise test at different location of HVCT.

Test equipment

Polarity tester, Pretesting panel, 400 Hz testing panel with 400 Hz M-G set, 50/60 Hz Accuracy testing panel with 60 Hz M-G set, High current source & dimmer.

KAT Controls Implemented Project

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