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High Frequency Inline Induction Preheaters

Kat Controls make High Frequency Inline Induction Preheaters are designed to meet the needs of continuous production systems. They are used in extrusion lines for insulating wire conductors to improve the adhesion of insulation material on the conductor. It ensures an even flow of insulating as the temperature of the conductor remains constant throughout the run.

The Preheater operates as a completely independent standalone unit. It works on a principle of Induction heating.

Preheater are featuring dynamic and free running pulleys of shorting (conductive) and insulating (with Ceramic Rings) type. An alternating electromagnetic field is applied from a solid state electronic power controller with accurate and continuous line speed feedback. It provides correct secondary voltage as per desired settings and in turn, a correct preheating temperature. The wire or conductor to be heated, passes through the induction coils between shorting and insulating pulleys.


  • Solid State Closed Loop Control
  • Reliable, in Process heating
  • Dynamic and free running pulleys.
  • Insulating pulleys with ceramic rings for low inertia, low heat loss, avoids wearing because of use.
  • Sturdy, rugged mechanical construction suitable for higher line speeds.


  • Even heating of conductor ensures that no cold patches occur at any line speed.
  • Ensures correct Plastic flow on the conductor
  • Eliminates cold wire shrinkage
  • Eliminates plastic cracking due to the cold wire bending
  • Avoids wastage of costly raw materials.
  • High quality end products.

Technical Specifications

Model IPH-HF-30 IPH-HF-40
Wire Material Copper/Aluminium  
Wire Size
(Solid Single or Stranded)
0.5mm2 to 4mm2 0.5mm2 to 16mm2
Maximum & Minimum Line Speed 800 MPM - 300 MPM 800 MPM - 150 MPM
Maximum wire Temperature 120°C 120°C
Power Output 18.5 KW 37 kW
Maximum loop voltage 30 Volts 30 Volts
Induction Frequency 500 / 400 Hz 500 / 400 Hz
Indications Power ON, Heat ON, Heat OFF, Secondary Voltmeter
Controls power ON/OFF switch, ‘Set Heat’, Potentiometer, ‘Power ON’ ‘Heat ON/OFF’ Pushbutton, ‘Auto/Manual’ mode selector switch
Pulley Size & Type 1 No. Conductive Double U Groove Pulley 260 mm dia
4 Nos. Ceramic Ring Type Insulating U Groove Pulleys 120 mm dia
Input Power Supply 3 Ph., 415V AC + 10%, 50/60Hz + 2 Hz
Controller Type:
Electronic Power Controller to monitor & control the primary voltage of Induction Coil/Transformer
Construction: Free standing & floor mounting type, powder coated unit with an acrylic window
Size: (H x W x D) 1755mm x 650mm x 700mm