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Heater Controller / Power Controller

With the introduction of the I series and P series, kat presents its family of Thyristor Heater Controllers. These Heater Controller are compact, rugged and most economical solution to completely meet the industry requirements.

Quality, repeatability and high availability form the basis for documented outstanding product quality in the application process. Thyristor Heater Controllers from Kat switch, control or regulate electrical energy a the start with simple applications for optimised analog Heater Controllers as cost effective solutions right upto the complex applications.

Kat family Heater controllers are available in 1 phase, 2 phase, 3 phase input options for either Phase Angle control or Integral Cycle control.

Kat family heater Controllers can be used anywhere which involved melting, heating, drying or forming which must be done precisely and reliably.


  • Oven Equipment (industrial, diffusion and drying ovens)
  • Glass processing (float glass, feeder, finishing)
  • Plant equipment (extruders, plastic presses)
  • Chemical industry (pipe trace heating, preheat equipment)
  • Automotive industry (paint drying equipment, forging)
  • Printing machines (IR dryers)
  • Packaging industry (shrink tunnels)
  • Steel industry (precoated sheets)

Standard Features

  • Fully solid state power control
  • Voltage & current feedback to control the temperature Accurately
  • Fault status indications by LED’s
  • Built in Test points for maintenance
  • Control through external process.
  • Variable signal like 4 to 20 mA / 0- 10VDC
  • Fault Trip (Over Load) Potential Free Contact
  • dv / dt Protection for Thyristor
  • ‘Heatsink Temperature High’ Signal

Optional Features

  • Fast acting semiconductor fuses for thyristor protection
  • Panel enclosure with necessary protection, Switchgear, indications, controls & PID. Internally wired to the components & terminal blocks with proper identifications.
  • Earth fault protection kit
  • Fuse fail trip
  • Multi heater controller systems & settings through Modbus
  • AC Line Chokes
  • Fault annunciation kit
  • Remote control desk and pendants

Katcon make Heater Controller modules

KATCON PC 1 series
Model : 1P-12, 1P-30
(Phase Angle Controlled)
1 Ph/ 2 pH
12Amp, 30Amp
KATCON IC 1 series
Model : I-15, I-40, I-80, I-100
(Integral Cycle Controlled)
1 Phase / 2 Phase
15Amp, 40Amp, 80Amp, 100Amp, 130Amp
KATCON PC 3 series
Model : 3P-15, 3P-40, 3P-80, 3P-100, 3P-130
(Phase Angle Controlled)
3 Phase,
15Amp, 40Amp, 80Amp, 100Amp, 130Amp
KATCON IC 3 series
Model : IC 3-25, IC3-50, IC 3-100, IC 3-130
(Integral Cycle Controlled)
3 Phase,
25Amp, 50Amp,100Amp,130Amp
KATCON HP series
(Phase Angle Controlled)
3 Phase,
onwards 130A to 800Amps
KATCON HI series
(Integral Cycle)
3 Phase,
onwards 130A to 800Amps

Technical Specifications

Input A.C. Supply 1Ph / 2 pH / 3 pH 230 / 415 VAC + 10% 50/60 Hz + 2Hz
Output Voltage 0-98% of input voltage
Feedback Build in Voltage & current Feedback
Control Input signal 0 to 10V through 5K or 10K Potentiometer or 4-20 ma from PID / Temp controller
Regulation 25%
Protection protecting by RC snubber current limit & over current tripping
Adjustments Current limit, over current trip, set output volts, Max power, stability, Voltage ramp up, Voltage ramp down
LED Indication + 15V Healthy, Current limit, over current trip, controller enabled
Loading Condition 125% for 10 Sec., 110% for 2 hours & 100% continues. Other loading conditions can be given on request.
Environmental Conditions
Ambient Temperature 45° C max
Humidity 95% max (non condensing)
Altitude 1000 Mtrs max. Above MSL
Constructions Open execution module suitable for mounting inside the panel