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Breakdown Tester

This instrument is used to conduct the high voltage test on electric cables. It is necessary that a evaluation of the condition of the insulation, be made by imposing a higher voltage stress for a specified duration.

This test can be performed in water bath & at ambient temperature, depending on the application of cable.

This is a table top instrument with all settings, indication & controls on the front.

Technical Specifications

Input 230V / 415V.A.C., + 10% 50 Hz
Output Voltage 0-30 kV AC / D.C. max.
Output Current 2.5A max.
High Voltage source Double wound high voltage transformer
Output Control Knob or motorised
Interlocking Zero start interlocking for HV output
Capacitive current setting 5 different settings as per requirement
Metering Digital kV meter 3 digit, 7 segment red LED display
Cycle Timer Microprocessor based 4 digit UP / DOWN presettable timer
Controls & Indications Input ON/OFF MCB, H.V. ON / OFF Push Buttons, Mains ON, HV ON, and test over indications
Terminations H.V. Insulator & earthing terminal
Other Accessories Discharge rod, 3 core mains supply cord, testing leads with big size crocodile clips at one end, instruction manual.