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Analog & Digital DC Drives

Katcon make MD Series DC Drives

We can offer a huge gamut of DC Drives (MD Series) to our clients.

Our range includes :

  • Model 1: Open execution type ready to mount in 3 U rack
  • Model 2: Aluminium Sub Rack 3 U x 155 ready to mount on chassis Twinner Electrode

Standard Features

  • Fully solid state power control
  • Armature voltage & current feedback to control the motor speed accurately
  • IR compensation for Armature feedback
  • Control through external 0 to 10 V.D.C. Signal with isolation of 2kV
  • Local / Remote selection through D/P switches
  • Easy access to all required preset settings & led indications
  • Set speed Pot on front plate for local mode

Katcon MD Series Technical Specifications

Rating 0.75H.p. Max (2Amps)
Input supply 1 Phase, 230 V A.C. + 10% 50 Hz + 2Hz
Input supply 1 Phase, 230 V A.C. + 10% 50 Hz + 2Hz
Output voltage 0-180 V.D.C.
Regulation 2.5% on Armature Feedback
Reference 0 to + 10 V.D.C., 2kV isolation between circuit ground & source ground
Enable 24 V.D.C. Signal from PLC or Potential free ‘NO’ contact
Local Reference Set speed pot provided on front
Local / Remote DIP switches are provided to select set point & enable in case of Local & remote coperations.
Preset Adjustments • IR compensation for load regulation
• N max for speed adjustment
•Off-set for Zero speed
I Imt to set output current limit
Led Induction • Drive enable
• Power on
• I Imt
‘Armature Open’ fault trip'
Protections • dv/dt protection by RC network
• Current limit
• Armature open
Isolated input reference
Relay output Potential free contact for drive healthy 2 amp/ 230V AC
External Connector Type Phoenix plug in type 2.5 Sq. mm
Mounting Construction 1. Size : 45 x 125 x 140 mm (LxHxD) open execution ready to mount in 3U Rack
2. Aluminium sub-rack 3 U x 155 mm depth ready to mount on chassis / tray
Operating temp max. upto 45°C